Golland Sp z o.o. was established in 1990 in Poland and after many years become a valued producer of luminaires and light fixtures. Golland also quickly became a big distributor of lighting equipment and started cooperating with many renowned polish companies. A 26 year present at the polish lighting market, our own design department and experienced team of traders let us realize the most unusual lighting projects. Thanks to that, we can be a strategic business partner for many customers. We like to say that our imagination, some of the laws of physics and applicable standards are the only things that limit us. With reference to the individual needs of our customers we offer a lot of modern lighting solutions in the following fields:

  • designing illuminance distribution including applicable regulations and standards,
  • lighting design,
  • internal and external luminaires,
  • lighting solutions,
  • light fixtures,
  • light sources,
  • power supplies.

As a lighting producer our goal is to combine interesting desing with functionality. By doing it we also care about durability and safety in everyday use for our customers. All the new products are tested in our laboratory equipped with measuring instruments to provide the best product we possibly can. All of the products we offer meet European requirements and all of the applicable quality standards.

Currently we operate as a capital group of companies:

  • Golland - design and sale of lighting
  • Proligo - manufacturing and electro installation
  • GSL - Airport systems